5 Secrets to a Beautiful Living Room

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What is the most important place in your house? For food connoisseurs, it is the kitchen, for movie buffs it is their cosy den, that is the bedroom, for aficionados of life, it is the living room where one spends most meaningful time with family and friends doing conversations, amidst rounds of laughter and fervour of togetherness. The Laundry House hereby shares secrets to a beautiful living room:


Its your couch or the sofa which is the largest piece of furniture in your living room. Positioning your sofa makes a big difference and the whole feel of how you walk in to your living room changes. It is undoubtedly the best place to sink in after a tired day at work. With your folks giggling on the sofa, it gets dirty too. Why worry as the sofa cleaning services in Gurgaon and Delhi,  by The Laundry House wipes off all your worries. Our sofa cleaners in Ghaziabad, Indirapuram, Noida, Faridabad, Vadodara have the dexterity to end your sofa woes.

Focal Point : It creates harmony and balance

Focal points could be a piece of artwork on a mantel, a stunning light fixture or a picture window inviting you to look at a lovely horizon. This will help ground  the room and define the function. A fireplace is a natural focal point. We can create one as well by adding a piece of art to the farthest wall in the room.


This is one important secret towards a beautiful living room. An organised living room is soothing to the eye and soul. Now it becomes a place to rest, cuddle with kids and have those long late night bashful chats while getting cosy on Friday nights with your spouse. So streamline your living room and it looks neatly stowed and nice.

Get a rocking carpet : It adds a variety of texture and pattern

A range of pattern, texture spreading throughout adds zing to the room. Keep in mind the foot traffic it can take as the light shades would require the services of carpet cleaners . With the carpet cleaners on your speed dial, spend quality time and add beautiful rugs to your living room as the carpet cleaners  will do the needful.

Idiosyncrasy is not being insane : Add your own touch

Its your living room, make it personal with your style and let it epitomise you and your persona while you invite people to your house. Flaunt your decorating tastes and replicate it since it speaks your heart. Envision a living room that you will love coming home to everyday and this truly is a secret to a beautiful living room.