What are the 5 Tips on Fabric Sofa Cleaning?

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Sofa Dry Cleaning

Cleanliness is next to godliness. It’s a most common and famous proverb which means cleanliness is everything for the goodness. One must keep themselves neat and clean and maintain a healthy and clean lifestyle. In our quest for beautiful and clean homes, we try to match the furniture with the upholstery which is a combination of delicate fabric and textures.  While durable fabric sofas are comfortable and beautiful, some regular DIY practices are necessary to ensure your sofa sets are maintained with minimal cost and are a delight to everyone‘s eye.-


  1. Regular Vacuuming

Fabric sofas tend to attract lots of dust and dirt particles. It’s always recommended to do pre-cleaning with a vacuum before going for deep cleaning or wet cleaning. While cleaning fabric sofas you may discover some lost pens or keepsake coins as well. Vacuuming certainly helps to prevent accumulation of dirt particles on sofa fabric as too much-accumulated dust in your fabric sofa will cause the fabric color to lose its luster.


  1. Surface cleaning 

Rotate the cushions and sofas every week as it’s always good to flip and rotate to even out the wear.Remove the cushions while vacuuming to suck in more dust.


  1. Read it Loud 

Generally, the cleaning instruction for sofas come attached, therefore before attempting any DIY stain removal on your fabric sofa,  read the information on cleaning fabric sofas, e.g. whether you can use water to clean the fabric, its machine wash or dry clean only. If you can’t find the tag, call TLH- the experts in sofa and couch cleaning and their team shall visit you and take care of the rest.


  1. Spill the beans

Yes, do not keep hiding the stains and spills and immediately do the spot cleaning. The longer the spillage remains in the fabric, the more stubborn the stain will be.  You can try a solution of warm water and a lemony dishwasher liquid from your kitchen. Place a clean, light color microfiber fabric over the spillage and apply pressure to absorb the liquid while cleaning fabric sofas. Do not rub or scrub as it may spread the stains or damage the fabric. Use of a clean, light color microfiber fabric will gently blot the stained area. Again use a clean, damp, cloth to blot the cleaned area and remove the cleanser residue.  The damp area must be dried completely before your guests sit onto it. Sprinkle a bit of baking soda to remove any odor while cleaning fabric sofas as it will repel the odor and keep it fresh.


  1. Professional Cleaning recommended

Sometimes, spot cleaning can cause a wet-looking ring or fading. It’s always best to have the entire piece cleaned by professionals providing service for cleaning fabric sofas.You can cross a major chore off your to-do list by letting The Laundry House take the charge  and cleaning fabric sofas for you.


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