Tips for Taking Care of your Favorite Clothes

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While some people may consider the laundry service, a luxury, someone who fully understands the benefits of cleaning by professionals, knows that it is a necessity. The laundry service offers benefits that you cannot get from cleaning at home. Although not all clothing needs to be washed, proper care of the items that do it is essential to maintain its beauty and lifespan.

  1. Dry cleaning is less abrasive

Innovations in today’s laundry service use greener products and are less abrasive on their clothes than washing and drying at home in an old-fashioned way. Your delicate clothes that need special care are always handled by the best Dry Cleaning Nearby. If you combine that with the many years of experience of the associated laundries, you can be sure that your clothes will be in good hands.

  1. Professional laundries pay close attention to detail

When you make your clothes at home, you also have the tasks of folding, ironing and storing items in their place. However, when your items are being serviced by a laundry and tinting professional, they can handle all the details for you. All you have to do after receiving your items is to hang them in the closet.

  1. They are perfect for removing stains and odors

Occasionally home remedies can remove stains, but they can do so at the cost of damaging the garments. It is a better idea to trust your items to professional Dry Cleaners who can expertly remove stubborn stains and odors. If you are thinking about throwing out certain items because you cannot eliminate certain stains and odors, try letting a professional dry cleaner inspect the items first.

  1. Laundries have the ability to handle large objects

Laundry Service can clean larger items, including curtains, rugs, sofa covers, and oversized quilts. These can be an unmanageable task for you to handle at home. The use of professional laundry services for your clothes and large items saves you time and is one less thing to worry about in your busy schedule.

Cleaning Solutions for your Sofa & Couch

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The couch in the living room is the most favorite place in the house for many people. Whether it is to watch a game on TV, or to chat with family, or to relax with a drink, or simply to spend some time thinking, we all love the sofa or couch as a favorite place to hang out at. But that is less fun if the sofa has stains or it is dirty. We should, therefore, do all we can to keep our sofa or couch spic and span, so that we can continue to enjoy our time on it. We could use some good sofa dry cleaning services or couch cleaning services. Or we could choose to do it ourselves. But do we know enough about the correct processes? Is there anything that we know wrongly? Let us see some easy tips for such cleaning, in case you plan to do it yourself.

Non Fabric Parts

The sofa or couch would be mostly fabric, but many portions of it are made of metal or wood. Those parts should ideally be cleaned with a solution made of lukewarm water and a mild cleaning soap or powder.

Fabric Parts

Now we come to the parts which have fabric. Every sofa or couch has tags explaining the type of fabric used. If it says WS, you should use a soft detergent or a detergent that is used in dry cleaning. But if the tag says S, only the dry cleaning detergent is to be used. For sofas marked X, only a vacuum should be used, with no liquid. And finally, if the tag says W, plain water is to be used. A company offering couch cleaning services would, of course, know all this, but if you are doing it yourself, you should make a note.

The Difficult Areas

You would have seen that most sofas have places where pet hair or crumbs of food or even dirt get inside, but a normal cleaning wouldn’t uncover them. For such areas and such items, you should ideally use a vacuum cleaner. Especially for pet hair, you can also procure a lint roller to remove larger accumulations of a pet or human hair.


This is by far the most difficult part of sofa dry cleaning services. The problem is that when the fabric gets stained, we usually are eating or talking and we tend to ignore them. By the time we get around to cleaning the stain, it has usually settled in further, and the more time that elapses, the more difficulty we face in cleaning it. But for those cleaning the sofas at home, there are some quick fix cleaners that can be prepared at home. There are different combinations and concoctions that need to be used to clean different surfaces.

As we saw above, there are many things that a person can do to clean sofas and couches at home. But you could also choose to get professional help by hiring sofa dry cleaning services or couch cleaning services.

Tips to Clean Winter Clothes Properly

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The basic difference between winter clothes and other clothes is that we use our winter clothes for a few months in a year. Therefore they are washes and cleaned much less frequently than regular clothes, therefore we usually use dry cleaning and laundry services for winter clothes. There are some things to keep in mind while taking care of our woolens and other warm clothing. There are several online laundry services who provide dry cleaning and laundry services, and they usually do it in a technically correct way. There are many people who prefer not to use online laundry services but do their own cleaning instead.Let us see what you should keep in mind if you are cleaning your winter clothes yourself.

 Bits and Pieces

Winter Clothes often have plastic or metal pieces which could be damaged or detached during cleaning. Many such pieces are easily removable, so it is a better idea to remove them before starting to clean. In case that is not possible, it is advisable to wash or clean them separately so that the attachments do not entangle with other clothes.

In The Pocket

As we said earlier, winter clothes stay packed away for many months. Once you take them out to clean them just before winter sets in, there might be some things which you had put in last winter and packed the clothes away without remembering to empty the pockets. That’s why it is a good practice to do that checking before cleaning them.

Don’t Miss The Tags

Every woolen garment usually has specific instructions printed on the tag affixed to the inside of the garment. You must read them carefully so that you do not miss out on some useful information and end up spoiling your clothes.

Matter Of Chemistry

The detergents and other powders used in the cleaning of winter garments usually contain a variety of chemicals. But all of them might not be compatible with all kinds of materials and fabrics of winter clothes. A little thought needs to go into the choice of detergent when you are doing the cleaning yourself instead of using online laundry services.

High and Dry

You have used the right detergents and washed in the correct way, but even after that, you need to take care to let it dry in the correct way. Some clothes recommend drying in the shade, for example.

As you can see above, there are a number of things to be taken care of, to ensure that your winter clothes do not get damaged. You might surely be saving some money by doing all that cleaning yourself, but if you are not aware of all the factors and do not take care of them, then there is a risk of spoiling your clothes. Since winter clothes are usually costlier than regular clothes, so that could be a big risk to take. We feel, therefore, that using professional dry cleaning and laundry services is a much better idea.

How to organize your wardrobe in weddings

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Weddings are special occasions for everyone involved. The bride and the groom would, of course, be the most excited on their special day. But even for their friends, relatives, neighbors, work colleagues and everyone else who is invited, a wedding is a great occasion to meet and greet old friends, have a good time with song and dance, and gorge on great food. And above all this, one big reason for all the excitement are clothes. One must plan for different ensembles for different days of the wedding, and then take care to mix and match the colors and designs appropriately with jewelry and accessories.

So as soon as someone gets an invitation to a wedding, out come the clothes and the hunt for dry cleaners and laundry service begins. People start searching for a shop offering dry cleaning nearby their home. But it’s just not enough to get your clothes cleaned and pressed at your dry cleaners or by using a laundry service. One needs to also plan out the wardrobe that one would wear to the wedding. Here are three quick tips on how to do that.

How Long?

Speak to the bride and groom and understand at the outset how many days the wedding would be for, and what are the different events that would be part of the wedding. That would help to pick the right number of sets of clothes, and maybe keep a set or two extra so that you don’t run out of clothes. Why the extra sets are needed are because weddings see a lot of running around and food and drink being served, so it is easy for something to get spilled on to your dress. That would see you scampering for a dry cleaning nearby, but chances are that even if you find one, they might not be able to give it back to you on time.

Who Else?

If there are a number of friends or close relatives attending the wedding, then it might not be a bad idea to check with them what colors and designs of colors they are wearing on which days. It would be a tad embarrassing if two of you end up wearing similar clothes on some days. Sometimes even the same color on both of you (or all of you) can be jarring, and no laundry service can instantly change the colors to provide a contrast.

What For?

You might have got a number of dresses cleaned at the dry cleaners, but a better idea would be to first check what kind of dress code is expected at each of the events at a wedding. If everyone is wearing semi-casual clothes, you would feel a misfit in a seriously formal getup. That’s why you first need to find out all of these, and after that, you can go to a dry cleaning nearby and clean the ones that you actually need.

Before you get set to enjoy that wedding, it is a good idea to plan your wardrobe wisely so that you do not miss a step.

Tips to Remove the Coffee Stain from White Shirt

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We all love that steaming hot cup of strong coffee in the morning as we start our day, but a well-brewed cup is actually very welcome at any time during the rest of the day as well. But what spoils the fun is when we get distracted while talking or looking at our phones, and end up spilling coffee on our clothes. And if it a white shirt that the coffee gets spilled on, that’s even worse, because the stain stands out.

The problem with coffee stains on a white shirt is that both are at extremes. A white shirt is so spotless that even a hint of a stain can be seen on it very easily, although a similar stain could be more easily hidden or disguised in a colored shirt. Again, coffee is so dark that it is visible easily even on colored shirts, so there is no question that it becomes very visible on a white shirt.

We would need to look for a home laundry service to help remove the stain quickly. But we need not always go looking for laundry services in India, we can easily do the same ourselves.Let us look at a few tried and tested ways in which your white shirt can be quickly made stain free at home easily, without having to look for a home laundry service.

  • Sometimes, a simple wash in running cold water is enough to remove the stain. The only thing to remember is to make the water flow from the back of the stain.
  • If water doesn’t work, then a soft detergent can be mixed with the water. This works better is the coffee stain is fresh, but not so well when the stain is more than a few hours old and dried up. In that case, even laundry services in India would find it difficult to remove the stain.
  • Some stubborn coffee stains are also removed by using vinegar. The acetic acid works well on coffee and quickly makes the white shirt spotless again.
  • Some laundry services in India use a stain removing spray or gel, and you too can keep a small can of this at home for such occasions, so that you don’t need to run to a home laundry service.

The best way to deal with such stains is to take action immediately at home, using any of the simple remedies listed above. Any delay on your part results in the stain settling in and becoming progressively more difficult to remove. But sometimes we miss out on taking immediate action because we are otherwise occupied, and later it becomes imperative that we use professional services of a laundry or dry cleaner. They would also be using cleaning solutions not too dissimilar from the ones stated above, because white is a delicate color, and too strong detergents are risky. But for the same job they would charge you a lot of money. That’s why it is a much better idea to try and remove coffee stains from white shirt at home.


Why do you need premium quick laundry?

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Doing daily laundry at home is a common practice. But it comes at a price and a hefty one at that!

Imagine a day when you have a basket full of dirty laundry and your maid doesn’t turn up or it rains so incessantly that your entire house looks like the dhobi ghaat with wet clothes drying everywhere. Not just that, doing laundry at home has multiple disadvantages such as rising costs of good detergents, stains and spots not getting completely removed, stains from other garments that bleed color and the list can just go on.

Economically speaking doing laundry at home turns out to be an expensive affair with families spending anything between 600INR – 1000INR on maids, about 300INR on detergents and about 700INR on the dhobi for ironing per month. All this excluding the depreciating value of washing machine and even real estate dedicated in the house for laundry.

Inspite of investing so much time, money and effort in the laundry at home, you may still be unsatisfied in terms of quality and convenience. Sounds like a big problem? So, here’s your answer – The Laundry House.

At The Laundry House, we are committed to solving your laundry issues. All that you would need to do to do to get fresh clean clothes every day is just pick up the phone and call us. Here’s how laundry house is your best choice for daily laundry:

1)      Convenience & time efficient –  We offer to pick and drop service for your clothes which makes laundry as easy as making a phone call for you.

2)      Transparency – We are the first of our kind of laundry service provider that offers complete transparency. For starters, we built our production unit entirely of glass, so our customers can learn exactly how their clothes are being cleaned.

3)      Great skills & infrastructure – We have a team of extremely skilled professionals working with us to take care of your garments. Apart from the workforce we also have a state-of-the-art infrastructure that helps to provide just the care that your laundry needs.

4)      Best quality products – At TLH we try to use water as a solvent for most of our washes when we do need chemical solvents we ensure to use only accredited ones that are safe for you and the environment.

5)      Great Value – We offer extremely competitive rates which makes us a service provider giving great value for money.

6)      Privilege programs – At TLH we encourage regular patronage. Hence we have developed a privilege programs that offer endless benefits and great value for money.

So, next time you have a maid pulling the chords on you, just give us a call and try going the quick laundry way. We promise you will stick to it forever.

Will dry cleaning shrink my clothes?

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No. Dry-cleaning is infact designed to prevent shrinkage of clothes. The principal reason why dry-cleaning will never shrink clothes is that its dry or there is no usage of water.

However, you may sometimes notice that your sleeves are a couple of inches shorter, and that’s when you know that its water that needs to be blamed. Basically, when your clothes are dry-cleaned, its placed in a machine with a liquid cleaning agent or solvent. Heat is then applied to dry the fabric. Although, the cleaning process doesn’t use water at all, but the washing machine is attached to a water source. This sometimes results in water leaking in and the consequent shrinking due to the heat cycle.

So, if this has become a regular feature with your current dry cleaner, it’s probably time to switch to The Laundry House. At, TLH we have state of the art technology and very trained staff that’ll ensure that no mishap like this ever happens to your clothes.

How often should you be dry cleaning your clothes?

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Clothes or other household items can be dry cleaned as often as you desire or feel the need to do so. However, it is not required to dry clean everything just after a single use. Read on to find out what kind of garment can be washed at what interval.

To decide washing frequency, let’s categorize the clothes/laundry items.

  • Clothes of daily use – Clothes of daily use such as shirts, blouses, cotton dresses, cotton sarees, etc. need to be washed after every 1-2 wears.


  • Rough & tough clothes – Items such as denim, trousers, woolens, suits, skirts, etc. fall into this category and can be dry-cleaned after every 5 wears.


  • Household linens – This category comprises of throw pillows, cushion covers, duvet covers, bedspreads, AC quits, etc. and can be dry-cleaned once in 6 months.


  • Winter Clothes – Outdoor winter jackets or coats can we washed once every season.


  • Furnishing items such as curtains can be sent for dry cleaning once every year.

So, now that you have your dry-cleaning frequency guide, look around for what needs some special care from The Laundry House. Do remember to call us over for the pick-up!

What is the best way to take care of bags & shoes?

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For some of us, bags and shoes are our most prized possessions. Especially so if the person in question is a lady! The Louis Vuitton and Steve Maddens of the world deserve a lot of care and affection. Read on to find out the best ways to take care of your best friends.

They say “Prevention is better than Cure.” To ensure that your expensive bags and shoes last you a lifetime it’s important to work towards their health right from the beginning. This starts with determining the material of your bag or shoe. Once done, you should head to the market to buy a good cleaner. These days, very good quality cleaners are available on the market basis the material of your product. There are leather creams, gels, something specifically for suede, etc. Choose wisely and clean daily.

However, inspite of regular cleaning, your bags, and shoes demand restoration after a few years of service. That’s where a professional service provider such as The Laundry House comes in. At TLH we have what it takes to pamper your expensive bags and shoes. Our team comprises of experts who have incomparable knowledge of the unique care methods that prolong the beauty and life of your handbags and shoes.

So next time you feel sad about having to discard your favorite shoe or bag because they have lost some color, just pick up the phone and call us.

How to keep dry cleaned clothes at home?

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You sent your clothes our for dry cleaning and now they have come back clean and healthy. So, what’s next? Storing dry cleaned clothes properly is just as important as the dry-cleaning process itself.

At TLH we ensure that each garment is individually packed in sealed packages with hangars. And we urge our customers to store the clothes with the packaging still on until they need to be removed for using.

Here are a few checks that you should run before stacking your clothes in your wardrobes:

  • Wardrobes these days are either inbuilt in the wall or wooden. Very few households use steel almirahs now. And wood is an excellent breeding ground for insects. So, make sure that you clean your wardrobe periodically to avoid insect infestations.
  • Wall inbuilt wardrobes often get seepage in rainy season which can spoil your clothes. So, check for seepage at regular intervals and get it repaired as soon as possible if you find one.
  • Don’t forget to throw in a few naphthalene balls in your wardrobe. Not only does it keep your clothes smelling fresh but also keeps insects away. If you are allergic to naphthalene use dried neem leaves instead.
  • Hang your clothes with a hangar instead of stacking them. This way there will be no crease on your garment and it will be ready to be worn at any time.