What are the chemicals used to clean and preserve a wedding dress?

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Wedding is the most memorable day in a woman’s life and so is her wedding dress. There is nothing more desirable to woman than to restore this garment in its original glory and even pass it on to the next generation.

The first step towards preserving your precious wedding dress is to have it thoroughly cleaned. But before you embark on that journey it’s important to find the right dry-cleaning company that will do it for you. Read on this article to make an informed decision while choosing one.

  • Never go for a wholesale wedding dress cleaner – A dry cleaner that offers a wholesale service will often fail to provide the personal care that this special garment deserves. As a result, they miss minute details like pre-treating or spotting. Service providers such as this, may even wash your wedding dress with those of others further contaminating yours.
  • Ask for a virgin solvent – To avoid chemical hazard to the environment and reduce costs, dry-cleaners often recycle their used solvents. So, before you finalise on a dry-cleaner of your choice as them if they use virgin solvents (that have never been used before). Talking of solvents, here’s what a good service provider will usually use:
  1. Perchloroethylene – Perchloroethylene or Perc is the most commonly used solvent. It’s extremely effective on fabrics such as silks. This solvent is the best for degreasing. However, if your wedding dress is adorned with sequins, it may not be the right choice of garment. Trust your dry cleaner to take that decision for you.
  2. Hydro Carbon – This is a relatively modern alternate to Perc and is a petroleum based solvent. It is also safe to be used to beads and sequins
  3. Greenearth – This is the latest solvent available in the dry-cleaning industry. It is safer for the environment and has less government restrictions than any other solvent.