Cleaning Solutions for your Sofa & Couch

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The couch in the living room is the most favorite place in the house for many people. Whether it is to watch a game on TV, or to chat with family, or to relax with a drink, or simply to spend some time thinking, we all love the sofa or couch as a favorite place to hang out at. But that is less fun if the sofa has stains or it is dirty. We should, therefore, do all we can to keep our sofa or couch spic and span, so that we can continue to enjoy our time on it. We could use some good sofa dry cleaning services or couch cleaning services. Or we could choose to do it ourselves. But do we know enough about the correct processes? Is there anything that we know wrongly? Let us see some easy tips for such cleaning, in case you plan to do it yourself.

Non Fabric Parts

The sofa or couch would be mostly fabric, but many portions of it are made of metal or wood. Those parts should ideally be cleaned with a solution made of lukewarm water and a mild cleaning soap or powder.

Fabric Parts

Now we come to the parts which have fabric. Every sofa or couch has tags explaining the type of fabric used. If it says WS, you should use a soft detergent or a detergent that is used in dry cleaning. But if the tag says S, only the dry cleaning detergent is to be used. For sofas marked X, only a vacuum should be used, with no liquid. And finally, if the tag says W, plain water is to be used. A company offering couch cleaning services would, of course, know all this, but if you are doing it yourself, you should make a note.

The Difficult Areas

You would have seen that most sofas have places where pet hair or crumbs of food or even dirt get inside, but a normal cleaning wouldn’t uncover them. For such areas and such items, you should ideally use a vacuum cleaner. Especially for pet hair, you can also procure a lint roller to remove larger accumulations of a pet or human hair.


This is by far the most difficult part of sofa dry cleaning services. The problem is that when the fabric gets stained, we usually are eating or talking and we tend to ignore them. By the time we get around to cleaning the stain, it has usually settled in further, and the more time that elapses, the more difficulty we face in cleaning it. But for those cleaning the sofas at home, there are some quick fix cleaners that can be prepared at home. There are different combinations and concoctions that need to be used to clean different surfaces.

As we saw above, there are many things that a person can do to clean sofas and couches at home. But you could also choose to get professional help by hiring sofa dry cleaning services or couch cleaning services.