Give Dull Leather Shoes a New Life, at Home.

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For most of us, cleaning shoes after wearing them is a habit long lost and forgotten. But when we clean our clothes every time we wear them, then why not our shoes? Our shoes battle through dirt, grime and friction every day and then when we put them in out shoe cabinets they virtually become a magnet for more dust, bacteria, mold etc. While every shoe deserves a good clean every fortnight, today we will be focusing on leather shoe cleaning to be specific.

Leather enjoy a longer lifespan than many man-made alternatives provided it is protected wisely. Protecting these shoes can be a bit of a task, but if done religiously you can be sure to get great value, even from a pricey pair!

Here are some tips on how to take care of your beloved shoes using common household items that give dull leather new life:

  1. Clean them up nicely:

Every time you wear your leather shoes outside, be sure to come back home and dust them with dry muslin or any other soft cloth before you put them in the cupboard. This will protect the shoes from

  1. Get rid of spots & stains:

Make a solution with one-third portion of baby shampoo or gentle liquid dish-wash detergent along-with two-third water. Wet a soft cloth in this solution & rub it over the stains. Be careful not to wet the shoe too much.

Please Note: it is advised to do a patch test on a small section on the inside of the shoe before you apply this solution all over the stains.

If the stains do not disappear after this method, you may want to call a professional Shoe Laundry Service for help.

Though the Internet is filled with DIY ways of fighting tough leather stains, you may want to avoid those and instead opt for gently chemical treatments available with a professional shoe laundry.

  1. Dry them:

After the second step, you need to leave your shoes to dry for a minimum of three to hours, depending on how wet they are. You may even leave them overnight to dry. Do not keep them in direct sunlight; it is advisable to leave them under the fan or air-conditioner.

  1. Condition them well:

The last and final step includes conditioning your leather shoes so as to avoid cracks and dryness. After you feel your shoes are good and clean, rub a bit of petroleum jelly or olive/baby oil over the top with a rag. This will keep your leather moisturized and reduce the chances of dryness.

Lastly entrust your shoes to a good Shoe Laundry service nearby once in every two-three months. This will help you get rid of tough stains and improve the longevity of your favorite pair.

So, there you have it, everything you need to know to maintain a pair of leather shoes. Remember, if you’re lucky enough to find the perfect pair, look after them! That way you can enjoy them for years to come.

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