How often should you be dry cleaning your clothes?

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Clothes or other household items can be dry cleaned as often as you desire or feel the need to do so. However, it is not required to dry clean everything just after a single use. Read on to find out what kind of garment can be washed at what interval.

To decide washing frequency, let’s categorize the clothes/laundry items.

  • Clothes of daily use – Clothes of daily use such as shirts, blouses, cotton dresses, cotton sarees, etc. need to be washed after every 1-2 wears.


  • Rough & tough clothes – Items such as denim, trousers, woolens, suits, skirts, etc. fall into this category and can be dry-cleaned after every 5 wears.


  • Household linens – This category comprises of throw pillows, cushion covers, duvet covers, bedspreads, AC quits, etc. and can be dry-cleaned once in 6 months.


  • Winter Clothes – Outdoor winter jackets or coats can we washed once every season.


  • Furnishing items such as curtains can be sent for dry cleaning once every year.

So, now that you have your dry-cleaning frequency guide, look around for what needs some special care from The Laundry House. Do remember to call us over for the pick-up!