How to Clean your Handbags at Home.

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Bag Cleaning in Delhi

Did you know that the handbag that you so happily adorn on your shoulder is a breeding ground for bacteria and germs? From keeping it on the floor to taking it along with you to the washroom or even discovering the food wrapper that you kept inside on your last road trip, your handbag truly goes through a lot of torchers each time you take it out. Also when that ugly dirt or food stains suddenly appear on your favorite purse, nothing feels more heart-wrenching.

Its true handbags are the best accessories that a lady can own, but it is also true that most women don’t know that these handbags need regular cleaning so that their original poise and glamor is maintained. Those few who are aware of this fact dabble with cleaning methods and in turn, end up ruining the longevity of the bag. It’s always advisable to give the bags that you use regularly to a professional bag cleaning service provider bi-annually. Rest of the times you may clean them at home yourself. It is also important to look for the best handbag cleaning service nearby, someone who has proper knowledge of how to clean and restore handbags.

Today, we’ll share some simple hacks that can help you keep you fabric handbags clean and glamorous for longer. 


Start by emptying your bag’s pockets. Remove and store all valuables in one place, then throw out the ATM receipts, food wrappers and any other knick-knacks that you do not need.


Invert the bag upside down and gently pat the bag from the outside to loosen and remove dust and food particles.


Now install the smallest nozzle on the vacuum and suck away all the dust from the inside and out. This process will remove any dust particle on the surface of the bag.

Scrub the stains

Make a solution of one part mild soap detergent and 4 parts water. Take a clean white washcloth and dip into the solution. Now scrub the stains away with the washcloth. Use this solution to treat stains on the inside lining as well and don’t forget the pockets!!


Get another washcloth and dip it in clean water and gently remove the soap solution from the bag.


At this stage be carful not to dry the bag in direct sunlight. This may cause discoloration and fading. Let your bag dry overnight under an air conditioner or fan.

Check inner lining and pockets to make sure the bag is completely dry or else you may end up with a bag that will become a breeding ground for fungus and will end up smelling like a rotten egg.

If by following these steps you are still unable to get rid of those nasty stains or if during the process you notice a tear in one of the pockets and are afraid that the dirt may have entered inside the lining, then we would suggest you immediately call the nearest professional bag cleaning service provider for help. Check for references amongst your friends for the best handbag cleaning service nearby and go with the one that has the best knowledge and wherewithal to clean you handbag gently and effectively.


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