How to keep dry cleaned clothes at home?

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You sent your clothes our for dry cleaning and now they have come back clean and healthy. So, what’s next? Storing dry cleaned clothes properly is just as important as the dry-cleaning process itself.

At TLH we ensure that each garment is individually packed in sealed packages with hangars. And we urge our customers to store the clothes with the packaging still on until they need to be removed for using.

Here are a few checks that you should run before stacking your clothes in your wardrobes:

  • Wardrobes these days are either inbuilt in the wall or wooden. Very few households use steel almirahs now. And wood is an excellent breeding ground for insects. So, make sure that you clean your wardrobe periodically to avoid insect infestations.
  • Wall inbuilt wardrobes often get seepage in rainy season which can spoil your clothes. So, check for seepage at regular intervals and get it repaired as soon as possible if you find one.
  • Don’t forget to throw in a few naphthalene balls in your wardrobe. Not only does it keep your clothes smelling fresh but also keeps insects away. If you are allergic to naphthalene use dried neem leaves instead.
  • Hang your clothes with a hangar instead of stacking them. This way there will be no crease on your garment and it will be ready to be worn at any time.