How to organize your wardrobe in weddings

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Weddings are special occasions for everyone involved. The bride and the groom would, of course, be the most excited on their special day. But even for their friends, relatives, neighbors, work colleagues and everyone else who is invited, a wedding is a great occasion to meet and greet old friends, have a good time with song and dance, and gorge on great food. And above all this, one big reason for all the excitement are clothes. One must plan for different ensembles for different days of the wedding, and then take care to mix and match the colors and designs appropriately with jewelry and accessories.

So as soon as someone gets an invitation to a wedding, out come the clothes and the hunt for dry cleaners and laundry service begins. People start searching for a shop offering dry cleaning nearby their home. But it’s just not enough to get your clothes cleaned and pressed at your dry cleaners or by using a laundry service. One needs to also plan out the wardrobe that one would wear to the wedding. Here are three quick tips on how to do that.

How Long?

Speak to the bride and groom and understand at the outset how many days the wedding would be for, and what are the different events that would be part of the wedding. That would help to pick the right number of sets of clothes, and maybe keep a set or two extra so that you don’t run out of clothes. Why the extra sets are needed are because weddings see a lot of running around and food and drink being served, so it is easy for something to get spilled on to your dress. That would see you scampering for a dry cleaning nearby, but chances are that even if you find one, they might not be able to give it back to you on time.

Who Else?

If there are a number of friends or close relatives attending the wedding, then it might not be a bad idea to check with them what colors and designs of colors they are wearing on which days. It would be a tad embarrassing if two of you end up wearing similar clothes on some days. Sometimes even the same color on both of you (or all of you) can be jarring, and no laundry service can instantly change the colors to provide a contrast.

What For?

You might have got a number of dresses cleaned at the dry cleaners, but a better idea would be to first check what kind of dress code is expected at each of the events at a wedding. If everyone is wearing semi-casual clothes, you would feel a misfit in a seriously formal getup. That’s why you first need to find out all of these, and after that, you can go to a dry cleaning nearby and clean the ones that you actually need.

Before you get set to enjoy that wedding, it is a good idea to plan your wardrobe wisely so that you do not miss a step.