Laundry Tips For a Better Wash

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Washing your clothes at home? Here are 5 easy tips you need to keep in mind before you start the next wash cycle.

  1. Know what your fabric needs

It is essential to know what your fabric care requirements are. Simply glance through the label and sort out your laundry based on machine or hand wash requirement, temperature settings, inverted or upright washing requirements etc. Here’s a quick table that will make this task easier for you.

Most professional laundry service providers and dry-cleaners in India follow these instructions to ascertain the best cleaning process for your clothes. Hence it is essential for us to keep this in mind to get professional laundry-like output, at home.

  1. Caring for Dark clothes

For dark clothes add a tablespoon of salt in a full bucket of water and soak them for two-three hours before the first wash. This will strengthen fabric color, reduce color leaks and prolong the fading process.

Turn the dark colored jeans, pants, and trousers inside out before putting them into the machine and turn the temperature setting to cold. Dry all dark garments inverted only so as to avoid sun fading.

  1. Caring for Whites

Always use a separate cycle for washing white clothes. Alternately add a capful of fabric bleach or 200 ml of white vinegar in the machine to keep your whites looking bright and crisp. So if you’re adding bleach in one cycle, use vinegar for the next one.

In order to get rid of yellow sweat stains, in a cooking pot add one-fourth cup of salt and baking soda to approximately 4 liters of water. Dip the stained clothes in this solution and boil it for one hour. Remove from the pot and give a final wash to the clothes in a washing machine.

  1. Care for Stained Clothes

The best way to fix a stain is to treat it before it sets. Quickly scoop up solids and blot liquids with a clean white cloth from the outside so as to avoid spreading. Treat stains before washing, and always make sure stains have been removed before putting them to dry as heat sets stains into the fabric. Read our other blogs to treat different stains at home.

  1. Care for Smelly Clothes

The sweaty, smelly clothes in the basket? Add a half cup of baking soda to approx. 4 liters of water and soak the smelly batch for 1 to 2 hours. Then, during machine-was, add half a cup of white vinegar to the rinse cycle. Wallah! There you have it, fresh smelling clothes by the end of it.

Following these five simple tricks will definitely improve the wash quality and will leave your clothes looking fresher, smell better and last longer. Happy Washing Peeps!