Looking for Best Dry Cleaners Near your Location

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Dry Cleaner Near You

Why dry cleaning – We all love to wear smart and wonderful clothes and those amazing clothes are sometimes delicate and even expensive too. Hence a little wash care is required as they need to be dealt tenderly and not left to be swirling in your washing machine. It’s a busy life. We tend to travel a lot sometimes for leisure and sometimes for business matters. We find ourselves so engaged in daily hustles and bustles of life such as work that by the time we call it a day, we are exhausted and tired. Well!! With such life trends we look for the respites from laundry chores which consumes our weekends. And hence many of us have happily embraced laundry services as there is no enough time for one to wash and iron clothes for the next use and exhaustion also doesn’t allows us  and the need arises to find the best dry cleaning services near me.

Let’s define the best:

The dry cleaning benefits far much outweigh those of doing laundry on your own. The Laundry House pronounces its services synonymous to best and here are good reasons for you to ponder and give your clothes to dry cleaners in Gurgaon and NCR for instance:


The topmost dry cleaning brand TLH gives you the utmost convenience with doorstep and pickup of delivery. Just give a call to our friendly customer care staff and they would pick up the laundry and dry clean your laundry woes and return the fresh, neat, clean and well ironed clothes at the promised time.

 Clothes texture is retained

Our dry cleaners in Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Delhi and Vadodara use the best of processes that help to retain the structure and texture of fabrics. The varying texture are given separate treatment at The Laundry House and hence assured that the fabric is dry cleaned properly.

 Prevention of fabric fading and bleeding of colours

 The dry cleaners at The Laundry House use eco friendly products which are gentle to clothes and prevent bleeding and fading hence ensuring that the fabric retains its original colour for a long time.

No wear and tear

When our best dry cleaners in Gurgaon and NCR caress your clothes , we take due care hence dry cleaning minimises wear and tear improving the life durability of delicate fabrics and keeping your clothes smelling fresh .

Fabric Shrinkage reduced

Even if your fabric tend to shrink when you washed it at home , the best of tools and equipment’s and facility used by us shall help in minimising shrinkage in all fabric types . Therefore The Laundry house tend to deliver the best and promises at the same time that fabric’s finish is not altered.

So we sure hope the above mentioned factors play a pivotal role when looking for best dry cleaners and The laundry house apparently stands apart and Numero Uno.