Professional Carpet Cleaning Services in Gurgaon

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Carpets and rugs are the lungs of your home. They are the filters which trap all the airborne pollutants. They bear all the food and liquid spills, bits and bites and crumbs and even pet hair. If not cleaned regularly, they are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and molds. Carpet cleaning is no more a herculean task especially those after party clean ups. Many of us refrain from keeping carpets and just keep resisting the wish to adore our houses with this beautiful floor covering just because of the maintenance and wash care. TLH India – A trusted name in the laundry.

TLH India, you get satisfaction and a clean and happy home for family and keep your worries at bay. TLH offers professional carpet cleaning services along with a wide range of cleaning services catering to residential and commercial clients in Delhi and NCR. If you are pondering, why hire a professional carpet cleaning service when you can rent a machine and do it yourself? The truth is the difference of results which the homeowner and a professional achieve. Hiring a professional carpet cleaning service with TLH has few advantages than doing on your own. The good reasons are:


  • More expertise and far more advanced equipment
  • Our experts in carpet cleaning in Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad, Delhi, and Vadodara know how to deal with special situations such as water damage, tough stains, and delicate fabric.
  • We have far more advanced tools and equipment necessary for performing hot water extraction or Steam -cleaning which cleans the carpet far more thoroughly than your local vacuum cleaner can.
  • We do the service at your doorstep so call our customer friendly executive today for an appointment.


Let’s define TLH in a carpet friendly manner for you:


Trusted Name TLH offers an advanced carpet cleaning system and gives you a support maintenance for your carpets. TLH has a reputed name in carpet cleaning in Gurgaon and NCR.


Leaves no residue With our modern and advanced technology, Stain removal is brought to a new level. Our sanitization process includes thorough disinfecting of carpets through detailed scrubbing. Our three-step cleaning process includes carpet shampooing with Johnson Diversey chemicals, a world-class brand along with carpet dry cleaning and carpet steam cleaning with the top German carpet cleaning machines.


Healthier You With eco-restoration of your home hygiene, we provide the safe and allergen-free environment. You feel rejuvenated with the sanitized rug. We provide protection to your cherished long-term investment. The products used by us are eco-friendly and gentle which leave your carpets deodorized and leave a clean feel to your house.


TLH recommends hiring a professional carpet cleaning services but between these cleaning we have few suggestions, you must pay heed to do the spot cleaning by diluting the spills with water and always using a doormat at each entrance.


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