The Challenges of Cleaning Carpets at home

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Having a beautiful and shiny carpet is a matter of pride, but maintaining that needs a lot of time, energy, and effort. Here are some challenges one might face while cleaning carpets at home.

Recurring spots

The problem of recurring spots is more common than you can imagine. Almost 90% of the households complain of spots reappearing after repeated wash. It is nearly impossible to get rid of it only by using home DIY methods. In such cases, it’s best advised to hire a professional carpet cleaning service who with the help of special chemicals can get rid of them once and for all.


Using a lot of shampoo and not rinsing the carpet properly can lead to severe damage to the carpet. The residue soap attracts more dust thus making your carpet dirtier in no time.


When you wet your carpet for cleaning, you run the risk of water getting soaked into the bottom. This may lead to shrinking, discoloration, bad residual odor and you may even face mold and mildew problems. It is essential to use very less water and avoid direct sun-drying completely.


When air & moisture seep into the carpet it causes the carpet to ripple. Its tough to get rid of those nasty looking ripples at home and before they become intense its always a good idea hire a carpet cleaning service provider. The professional vacuuming machines clean carpets without using much water and thus leave no ripples in the end.


Even after trying a lot, using high-quality chemicals or putting your hard efforts, you might still face the wicking issues. Professionals use a high-quality commercial vacuum to remove dry soil, which leads to less wicking. They also employ agitation tools to loosen soil from carpet piles and thus avoid the chance of reoccurring.

Hire a professional carpet cleaning Delhi team 

You can outsource the cleaning work at minimal cost and save yourself from the pains of DIY. Professionals use heavy-duty hot water extraction cleaners, also known as steam cleaners, which make it easier to remove stains and odor. There are many professionals offering carpet-cleaning services in Delhi, India. You should select one only after reading customer reviews and testimonials. We at TLH (The Laundry House), offer high-quality professional carpet-sofa-curtain cleaning service at your doorstep.