Tips to Clean Winter Clothes Properly

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The basic difference between winter clothes and other clothes is that we use our winter clothes for a few months in a year. Therefore they are washes and cleaned much less frequently than regular clothes, therefore we usually use dry cleaning and laundry services for winter clothes. There are some things to keep in mind while taking care of our woolens and other warm clothing. There are several online laundry services who provide dry cleaning and laundry services, and they usually do it in a technically correct way. There are many people who prefer not to use online laundry services but do their own cleaning instead.Let us see what you should keep in mind if you are cleaning your winter clothes yourself.

 Bits and Pieces

Winter Clothes often have plastic or metal pieces which could be damaged or detached during cleaning. Many such pieces are easily removable, so it is a better idea to remove them before starting to clean. In case that is not possible, it is advisable to wash or clean them separately so that the attachments do not entangle with other clothes.

In The Pocket

As we said earlier, winter clothes stay packed away for many months. Once you take them out to clean them just before winter sets in, there might be some things which you had put in last winter and packed the clothes away without remembering to empty the pockets. That’s why it is a good practice to do that checking before cleaning them.

Don’t Miss The Tags

Every woolen garment usually has specific instructions printed on the tag affixed to the inside of the garment. You must read them carefully so that you do not miss out on some useful information and end up spoiling your clothes.

Matter Of Chemistry

The detergents and other powders used in the cleaning of winter garments usually contain a variety of chemicals. But all of them might not be compatible with all kinds of materials and fabrics of winter clothes. A little thought needs to go into the choice of detergent when you are doing the cleaning yourself instead of using online laundry services.

High and Dry

You have used the right detergents and washed in the correct way, but even after that, you need to take care to let it dry in the correct way. Some clothes recommend drying in the shade, for example.

As you can see above, there are a number of things to be taken care of, to ensure that your winter clothes do not get damaged. You might surely be saving some money by doing all that cleaning yourself, but if you are not aware of all the factors and do not take care of them, then there is a risk of spoiling your clothes. Since winter clothes are usually costlier than regular clothes, so that could be a big risk to take. We feel, therefore, that using professional dry cleaning and laundry services is a much better idea.