Tips to Remove the Coffee Stain from White Shirt

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We all love that steaming hot cup of strong coffee in the morning as we start our day, but a well-brewed cup is actually very welcome at any time during the rest of the day as well. But what spoils the fun is when we get distracted while talking or looking at our phones, and end up spilling coffee on our clothes. And if it a white shirt that the coffee gets spilled on, that’s even worse, because the stain stands out.

The problem with coffee stains on a white shirt is that both are at extremes. A white shirt is so spotless that even a hint of a stain can be seen on it very easily, although a similar stain could be more easily hidden or disguised in a colored shirt. Again, coffee is so dark that it is visible easily even on colored shirts, so there is no question that it becomes very visible on a white shirt.

We would need to look for a home laundry service to help remove the stain quickly. But we need not always go looking for laundry services in India, we can easily do the same ourselves.Let us look at a few tried and tested ways in which your white shirt can be quickly made stain free at home easily, without having to look for a home laundry service.

  • Sometimes, a simple wash in running cold water is enough to remove the stain. The only thing to remember is to make the water flow from the back of the stain.
  • If water doesn’t work, then a soft detergent can be mixed with the water. This works better is the coffee stain is fresh, but not so well when the stain is more than a few hours old and dried up. In that case, even laundry services in India would find it difficult to remove the stain.
  • Some stubborn coffee stains are also removed by using vinegar. The acetic acid works well on coffee and quickly makes the white shirt spotless again.
  • Some laundry services in India use a stain removing spray or gel, and you too can keep a small can of this at home for such occasions, so that you don’t need to run to a home laundry service.

The best way to deal with such stains is to take action immediately at home, using any of the simple remedies listed above. Any delay on your part results in the stain settling in and becoming progressively more difficult to remove. But sometimes we miss out on taking immediate action because we are otherwise occupied, and later it becomes imperative that we use professional services of a laundry or dry cleaner. They would also be using cleaning solutions not too dissimilar from the ones stated above, because white is a delicate color, and too strong detergents are risky. But for the same job they would charge you a lot of money. That’s why it is a much better idea to try and remove coffee stains from white shirt at home.