Tips to Extend the Life of your Shoes

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We all love to splurge on a quality pair of shoes we’ve been focusing for some time and finally decide to invest in it. No doubt quality plays a factor in how long they will last, but is not the only deciding factor. It’s the care for your shoes which determine if they will last for few years or not as proper shoe care is much more than regular cleaning of shoes. Use of shoe shapers for storage, putting on and taking off in a correct manner and preventing them from wear are key elements of shoe care. Simply take it to the shoe cleaners in Delhi or any place where you find the shoe cleaning service near me to extend the life of your shoes.

  1. Prevention is better than cure. 

It’s imperative to have a saver sole, anti-slip sole or toe piece put on. Anti-slip soles and a new toe piece, will not only prevent the original sole from losing its shape, but they will also keep water from seeping into the soles, thus prolonging the life of your footwear.

  1. Use the shoe bags that came with your shoes.

We generally discard our shoe boxes as soon as we get home due to space crunch. Even the shoe cleaners in Delhi and all metros would suggest utilising these complimentary bags which can prevent structural damage and scuff marks.

  1. Shoe Shapers

Do you stack your unworn shoes on top of each other in turn making them lose their shape? Shoe shapers help prevent this from happening. They preserve the natural shape of the shoe, remove excess moisture of feet which keeps the pungent smell away .Best shoe shapers are easily available with shoe cleaners in Delhi and all metros.

  1. Repairing Is Caring

Don’t discard away your favourite pair of shoes because they have scuff and grime marks. Taking them to a good shoe cleaner service helps. Now don’t worry for the shoe cleaning services near me there are acme of shoe cleaners in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Indirapuram, Faridabad, Ghaziabad and Vadodara acquiring all metros.

  1. How to Clean Your Shoes

When you know exactly how to go about cleaning your leather shoes, a daunting task becomes an easy process. The results speak for themselves: durable, shiny shoe leather that will extends the life of your shoes. A simplest way? Take your shoes to the shoe cleaners in Delhi, NCR, Vadodara or where ever you wish to, the experts will clean, buff, polish, deodorise, and waterproof your shoes on site.

  1. Change Heel Taps

Changing the heel taps after they are worn out protects the metal spikes of the heel.  This simple hack is suggested by all shoe cleaners in Delhi or wherever you take your shoe for shoe cleaning .Its applicable on both men and woman shoes.

  1. Use Water Repellent on Leather & Suede

Just spray them with a water repellent to protect them from getting damaged if they get wet. You’ll want to spray them before you wear them.  Always follow the directions on the bottle to know how long you should wait to wear shoes after spraying them and how often you should reapply the repellent