Why do you need premium quick laundry?

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Doing daily laundry at home is a common practice. But it comes at a price and a hefty one at that!

Imagine a day when you have a basket full of dirty laundry and your maid doesn’t turn up or it rains so incessantly that your entire house looks like the dhobi ghaat with wet clothes drying everywhere. Not just that, doing laundry at home has multiple disadvantages such as rising costs of good detergents, stains and spots not getting completely removed, stains from other garments that bleed color and the list can just go on.

Economically speaking doing laundry at home turns out to be an expensive affair with families spending anything between 600INR – 1000INR on maids, about 300INR on detergents and about 700INR on the dhobi for ironing per month. All this excluding the depreciating value of washing machine and even real estate dedicated in the house for laundry.

Inspite of investing so much time, money and effort in the laundry at home, you may still be unsatisfied in terms of quality and convenience. Sounds like a big problem? So, here’s your answer – The Laundry House.

At The Laundry House, we are committed to solving your laundry issues. All that you would need to do to do to get fresh clean clothes every day is just pick up the phone and call us. Here’s how laundry house is your best choice for daily laundry:

1)      Convenience & time efficient –  We offer to pick and drop service for your clothes which makes laundry as easy as making a phone call for you.

2)      Transparency – We are the first of our kind of laundry service provider that offers complete transparency. For starters, we built our production unit entirely of glass, so our customers can learn exactly how their clothes are being cleaned.

3)      Great skills & infrastructure – We have a team of extremely skilled professionals working with us to take care of your garments. Apart from the workforce we also have a state-of-the-art infrastructure that helps to provide just the care that your laundry needs.

4)      Best quality products – At TLH we try to use water as a solvent for most of our washes when we do need chemical solvents we ensure to use only accredited ones that are safe for you and the environment.

5)      Great Value – We offer extremely competitive rates which makes us a service provider giving great value for money.

6)      Privilege programs – At TLH we encourage regular patronage. Hence we have developed a privilege programs that offer endless benefits and great value for money.

So, next time you have a maid pulling the chords on you, just give us a call and try going the quick laundry way. We promise you will stick to it forever.