Why Use a Drycleaning Pick up Service Near You

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Dry Cleaning Service

Drycleaning is a process which is meant to cleanse clothes. The experts at the drycleaning services  apply a unique method using special cleaning agents. Our dry cleaning services in Ghaziabad and all TLH stores use specially dedicated machines which gently rotates the clothes in the basket. With the inflow of clean solvent, the dirty solvent is pumped out of the drum simultaneously. Finally, the clothes are dried as warm air is pumped into the machine and continues to circulate as the basket of clothes spins. Cleaning this way is less likely to result in running colours, shrinkage, or stretching. As you just read between the lines, The Laundry House gives you many a good reasons to avail a drycleaning service near you:

Clothes texture retained

 The experts at the drycleaning services use the best of processes that helps to retain the structure of fabrics. The varying textures are given different treatment assuring that the fabric is dry cleaned properly.


 Dry cleaning services gives you the utmost convenience with doorstep and pickup of delivery. Your search for the ‘best dry cleaner near me’ must end with The Laundry House.

Prevention of fabric fading and bleeding of colours

 Opting for a dry cleaning services is a boon as we at The Laundry House use eco friendly products which are gentle to clothes, prevent bleeding and fading hence ensuring that the fabric retains its original colour for a long time .

 No wear and tear

Getting your clothes dry cleaned from experts offering  dry cleaning services minimises wear and tear improving the life durability of delicate fabrics and keeps your clothes smelling fresh .

 Fabric Shrinkage reduced

 Even if your fabric tend to shrink when you sent it to neighbourhood dry cleaner , On the contrary with the best of tools and equipment’s and dry cleaning services used at THE LAUNDRY HOUSE shall help in minimising shrinkage in all fabric types .

Delicates handled with care

 Dry cleaning maintains the original form of delicate fabrics such as curtains and high end clothes. Our crew delivering dry cleaning services in Ghaziabad, Delhi, Gujarat and all over the nation are trained to provide you the best.

The above mentioned factors hence play an important role in helping you ascertain reasons to use a dry cleaning pick up service near you.