Why Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning is So Important

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You were routinely cleaning your closet and the sight of your wedding dress filled you with umpteen nostalgia. Your wedding dress, symbol of an important event of your life is the embodiment of your style and love story and should be treated with special care. Dry cleaning preserves the dress and keeps it as good as new for years to come. If your mind gets intrigued with – Why preservation? Well the answer is:

Wedding dresses are made with special delicate materials

They must be treated properly as mistreating them may lead to stretching, yellowing and fraying. When one wears a wedding dress, acidic oils from the skin can sink into the fabric. While these oils may not be visible to the human eye, they are quite a treat for mildew and bacterial growth. To avoid such problems, simply plunge into a wedding dress dry cleaners store for a professional cleaning. Wondering for dry cleaner near my location, Well for denizens of all major metros across India, The Laundry House is one of the best wedding dress dry cleaners in Noida , Gurgaon, Vadodara, Faridabad, Ghaziabad and Delhi .

A Professional knows best

The only true way to be sure that your dress will remain in pristine condition over the years is to have it cleaned by wedding dress dry cleaners .They certainly know how to best spot the stains and preserve the wedding dress with the specially procured dry cleaning equipments. Most wedding dresses involve exuberant gold thread work , exciting zariwork , sequinned patchwork or ethereal ensemble of motifs .They are made from fabric like lace , silk , chiffon , organza , satin and only a professional wedding dress dry cleaner deals them best as each require different cleaning technique.

Preserve it for Heirs

In many families it’s a tradition to create a family heirloom as a legacy for the future generations. A way to make the time stop and going back and reliving the memories. Time is a thief and perhaps the most devious one. Preserving and restoring wedding dress ables you to turn back the hands of time to provide the wedding dress a chance to boast of its glory once again. How epic a moment it would be to wear your great grandmother’s lehnga or the ethnic saree. Experts from The Laundry House boasts to be the best wedding dress dry cleaners.

A seemingly daunting task

We Indians are so engrossed with weddings that the marriage affair doesn’t ends soon and keeps hovering for many days with tradition and rituals. The bride apparently is pre occupied and the dry cleaning of wedding dress comes last in the list. Having your dress dry-cleaned by professionals assures you to keep the dress safe and the stains and oil away. Call The Laundry House for a hearty discussion and a pick up of your prized possession. By the time you will be back from your honeymoon, it shall be done.

Caress it

It’s equally important to properly store your wedding dress post dry cleaning. If you will store your wedding dress in humid environment, it might develop grey and black patches over time. It’s therefore advised to store it in dry and cool environment preferably stacked and kept away from regular clothes. Moth balls is a great idea while storing the wedding dress. Also vacuum seal your wedding dress to avoid humid conditions. Make sure to use a foam filler in vacuum sealed bags to avoid deformation of delicate dress ensembles.